SHE IS VISUAL is a creative studio with a penchant for telling visual and tactile stories

through design, thoughtful curation, and by adding a delicate touch of hand.

we believe that sharing your story is significant and holds the potential to create change, inspire others or act as a reminder to be thankful for the little details of the day to day.

share with us your heart, your words, your dream - and we’ll add the necessary pauses, align a few design punctuations and carefully wrap the chapters in a tactile cover that tells your unique story.


we aim to tell visual stories through different design disciplines. we value the simple + ordinary and have an affinity for the finer details. through design, we create an experience that is true to the author of each story.


at the heart of our workshops is the desire to bring together people from all walks of life to share and learn, inspiring an authentic community of creativity with a deep appreciation of the beauty that life holds.


we aim to create a platform for gifts + talents to unfold in a space that embraces creativity + the many disciples of design. follow along with our journal as we make notes + share visuals of our creative adventures.