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Portfolio currently undergoing an update. In the mean time, you can read a few words  from clients below.


"Thank you She is Visual for capturing the essence of my brand so perfectly . You brought my ideas and vision to life and every step of the process was handled with professionalism, patience and grace”. 

Natalie Hauman  /  Mooi




"Simply Granola would not have seen the immediate success, nor felt the overwhelming love from the consumer, was it not for the impeccable and exceptional hand that She Is Visual had in the creation of my brand. Long before the consumer gets to the granola, the design and beautiful aesthetic has won their hearts - this has proven to be invaluable to my business!

Working with Marize on a personal level is an absolute joy and a blessing - a little lady with a big heart and some serious wisdom - the quintessential partner for any project!"

Nicola Kok  /  Simply Granola



I have been a fan of Marize’s Instagram page long before I approached her for her amazing skills as a graphic designer. I just loved her posts;  the way she came across and her vision of life. 

With our first meeting I was so amazed by this young, professional woman. It was like her Instagram feed -  but brought to life. Her vision, the way she dresses (to the T), the way she communicates - she really does have a strong vision and outlook on life, and it’s not just the beautiful pics she posts – it’s all real.

From that initial meeting I felt so at ease with her capabilities and talent. Marize took my vision for my brand (that I tried to explain to her in words), and from the first step of the brand development, she just grasped what my brand was all about.  From my logo design (that she actually had to do in just a few hours), the catalogue layout and printing, to the vinyl she installed herself at my launch. She goes that extra mile with everything she does, and in such a professional manner. I really had a tight deadline with everything and she never once disappointed. She got this amazing talent and I trust her vision 120%. I was on holiday for a week (the deadline week) and when I came back,  3500 booklets, with extra collaterals, all designed and printed and ready for Decorex. How she did it – I really can’t tell you.

Marize, you are a gifted, professional, passionate young woman with a beautiful, humble soul with a bright future ahead of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have made this journey a happy one and I have learned so much from you as a person!

Nelia Naude / NM Design