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One of the biggest stumbling blocks I have experienced in my creative journey was actually right before I started to do anything. After graduating in interior design, I found myself in a conflict of my desires to move forward on a career path. On the one side was design, something I am incredibly passionate about — and on the other side was my heart to serve women around me. At that stage the latter sprouted from my time serving at my church’s youth group at the time. It felt like I had to choose between two paths and for days ( or maybe a few months to be honest ) I was running in circles.

After lots of twisting and turning in my heart and mind, I had a revelation.

I don’t have to box myself into the boxes carefully curated by society, I can forge my own path and combine both my gifts and desires with guidance from Above.

Over the past few years, that integration took on many shapes and forms of which the latest was a project focusing on women’s wellness, called Glow Gathering. These outlets were mostly to serve other women, brands and projects on occasions as the opportunities presented themselves. However, I always knew that one day, at the right time, I would love to incorporate design and my passion for serving women into my offering for She is Visual.

Alongside is birthed from this wish.

In a time where we experience constant overwhelm, pressure to perform and the need to balance an intentional lifestyle with a successful career, I would like to create a moment for you to pause. To take stock, be guided and renew your awareness of yourself, and the wishes you have for your life and business.

To find a clarity that will propel you forward in a conscious manner.

Do you ever feel like you just need a weekend away, unplugged from your inbox, to-do list and an internet connection? While at the same to you are weighing up what workshop or e-course to sign up for to grow your business or streamline your social media presence?

Often we are tossed up between investing in the benefits of leaning into restoration versus. tools or actions to grow our business. The voices and opinions are endless and in the end of the day we end up with a pillow over our head, blaming ourselves for the 20 minutes we just wasted on making a choice

Alongside is an individual retreat for creative independents. It is a two day workshop tailored to your individual needs and preferences, where I come alongside you to be your guide, soundboard and one on one consultant for where you are at, right now.

You will be looked after under our own roof in our humble little home in Stilbaai in your own private room. We will nourish you with home-cooked meals, invite you to get outside into nature for a breath of fresh air and for the rest of the day we will get down to business with a simple and focussed approach. Sessions will be divided and spread out to keep things light, productive and on point. If you are an introvert we will make sure you have space carved out for me-time or if you are an early riser and runner, we will have a route ready for you to explore. Whatever your needs are, I am here to meet you where you are at.

How does it work?

If you feel like this is exactly what you need, please send me an email here and simply tell me why you would love to invest in this retreat. In response to your email I will be sending you payment details to book your spot. Once that is done, you will receive an in depth questionnaire which on completion will be my reference and guidance to design a framework of our sessions and tailor the workshop to where you are at in life and in your business. We will also determine a date that will suit us both best. 


— an individual workshop tailored to your lifestyle and business

— two nights accommodation in our home, meals included

— a follow up accountability call 2-4 weeks after the retreat

— a roadmap for your trip to Stilbaai with suggested spots to stop for a coffee or snack to make your trip comfortable

— a small gift waiting on your bedside table

—  a full dose of fresh seaside air 


Please note that due to limited spots, I do not offer refunds or cancellations.