Do we have to meet in person to work together on a project?

First prize for me is always to meet and learn more about your story and for us to determine if we are the right fit to work together. If you are across borders or oceans and we can't meet in person, we can happily Skype and take things from there.

Do you have packages or set fees?

I approach each project individually when it comes to costing as I have learned over time that each project has its own needs that determine the time I will have to pour into it. That being said, I do have a base fee and will communicate that to you upon enquiry so that you have a good idea of your investment. You can view my packages here to see what they include.

Do you work with timelines?

Once I have a good idea of the scope of a project, I communicate a timeline to you and always aim to stick to them as closely as possible. However, it takes two to tango with a project timeline and therefor it is important for clients to give timely feedback and also stick to the agreed process.

Do you develop websites or only design?

Since my audience is mostly small business owners, I have found that using Squarespace and Shopify is the best way to keep costs within reach for small businesses and also to empower them to manage and sustain their own sites if needed. I am not a code expert and will gladly refer you should you need a more advanced and custom built site. However, using template based platforms does not mean that we can’t customise your site and set it apart from your competitors and my aim is always to create a solution and design unique to your brand and business.

Can you help me with my SEO?

Once again, my focus is on the design of your website and translating your visual identity to a virtual platform for your brand. The platforms I use are already optimised for SEO and I will also share additional tips that you can do to help with search engine optimisation. For serious SEO services, I recommend that you find a company who focus on those services.

What does my package include and what are the deliverables?

I outline these details when we meet and it will also be included in your contract. You are always welcome to ask me should you need any deliverables outside of what your package includes and I will consider how we can go about meeting your specific needs. You can view my packages here to see what they include.

How far in advance do you take bookings?

I only take in a limited amount of projects per year and I will give you an indication of my capacity and next project opening upon your enquiry and once I know the scope of the project.

Do you handle printing on behalf of your clients? 

Due to where I live, I am unfortunately not able to liaise with printers on behalf of my clients.
In my experience one need to be able to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to the printing process. It also sometimes require some back and forth to sample colours or size first. In Stilbaai I don’t have the luxury of a good quality printer and I therefor aim to set you up with everything you need to handle your own printing. I am also more than happy to suggest printers I have worked with before.