I design intentional brands with purpose.

Building a brand can be analogised to building a home. A home provides the necessary environment for people to live, grow and express themselves as individuals.

In the same way, building a brand identity gives your ideas and dreams a space to exist, develop and ultimately flourish. A professional designed brand identity doesn’t have to be complicated, but should rather be grounded with clarity and an individual visual expression.

Together we create a visual language that empowers you to connect with your audience. To tell your story with purpose. Because you and your story matter. Together we will uncover the essence layer by layer and weave them back together in a meaningful way.

A way that will open the path to walk in the clarity of your vision.


Starting a business without crafting an intentional brand identity is like building a house without a foundation. I believe every business needs to know their ‘why’ and make sure that their visual identity is an expression of their essence. It is your thinking, made visual.



A website is the virtual home for your brand. A space where you can communicate the heart behind your business and clearly guide your potential clients on your offering or product. It gives your business credibility card and makes people feel they can trust your brand.



This offering is for those ‘stuck in the mud’ moments. Whether you just need and extra set of eyes or need to make vital design decisions for your brand, I am here to come alongside you to listen and offer your constructive, honest and sustainable feedback.


Wherever you are, I would love to hear your story. Get in touch by sending me a message and let’s connect.