When the fancy words leave the room and sounding professional isn’t a requirement, then I would say that She is Visual is simply put a space that I created to steward the gifts I have been given and to use them to serve people that cross my path and trust my vision.

I'm Marize, the heart and hands behind She is Visual.

Over the past few years I have found myself wearing many hats and pouring my creativity into a variety of creative disciplines. As I evolved as a person and in my work, I have slowly refined my offering over time and settled my focus on Brand Identity and Website Design.

I live with my husband and our three cats in the small seaside town of Stilbaai, South Africa. Outside of my work, I love getting my hands soiled in our veggie garden, spend time in quietude and grow my knowledge in wellbeing.


Our move to Stilbaai was inspired by our desire to be in a more healing environment, to take things slower, be more intentional about how we invest our time — and to create a home that feels aligned with our values and the vision we have for our life.

I soon discovered that friends and family who visit us are touched by the calm and the quietude of our home and I wanted to extend this outside of my circle to those who feel weary and overwhelmed. This is where the idea for Alongside came to life — to offer fellow small business owners and creatives to come and restore and re-align themselves in a space that encourage you to reflect and get clear on your path.