Identity Design

An idea without an identity will always just remain a thought. Design gives a concept a home — an essential foundation from which to develop and grow a business.


Building a brand can be analogised to building a home. A home provides the necessary environment for people to live, grow and express themselves as individuals.

In the same way, building a brand identity gives your ideas and dreams a space to exist, develop and ultimately flourish. A professional designed brand identity doesn’t have to be complicated, but should rather be grounded with clarity and an individual visual expression.


In order to honour the detail and layers of the idea or dream that will be inhabiting your brand identity, a process or discovery, development, refinement and release needs to take place. Once we’ve ‘built your brand’s home’, it will also be wise to consider how to look after it in a sustainable way as part of the process.


This phase is all about uncovering the layers of your idea and to identify the objective. Together we will flesh out the vision, the values and the voice of your brand.


Once an understanding of the brand is established, the design process begins by developing your brand identity with visual assets that includes a primary logo, logo variations or icons, colour palette, font selection, collateral mock ups and a visual direction curation. 


In this phase, we unfold your choice of print or digital collateral fitting for your brand’s needs and means of expression. it could also include the design of a website or online shop should that be your need.


now that your home have been built and each area has been carefully considered, we will create a handy guide for you as a daily reminder and guidance for decisions, additions and improvements going forward. this guide will be accompanied by the delivery of all your digital brand identity files and a small gift to celebrate. 


As with any home, and with your brand — maintenance is essential to keep your brand growing organically, to continually add value and to make sure you optimise your brand’s full potential. strategies and systems are one thing to consider. failing to plan, really is planning to fail. should you need our guidance along the way, we are always here to help you you sustain your brand from a design perspective. 

Through the industry and collaborative projects, i have also connected with brilliant creatives who might be just the right people to help you grow and expand, or be that needed right hand. if you are looking for specific services outside of my offering, i will gladly connect you to fellow creatives.