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She is Visual x Jane Sews


It's the most wonderful time of the year, for many reasons — plus this one.


Local clothing and footwear brand, Jane Sews, recently nestled into their summer store on Castle Street in Cape Town. Shining like a little ray of light in this tiny one way street, just off Bree, is a space filled with things chosen with care and founded upon integrity. 


Being a follower of JS, it is only in the past year that I felt like I truly started appreciating the brand values beyond the physcial products. Connecting with the pursuit of products made with integrity and high quality materials, while at the same time placing value on each person's contribution to bring their design's to life. 

I popped in to go and have a tactile experience myself and wanted to share the beauty with you.

P.S.  — my favorite JS piece : well, I have practically been living, sleeping, working and holiday-ing in my pure linen Billy Top non stop.


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"I have always been inspired by nature's authenticity. 
My design and making hope to reflect this same spirit;  every design element is carefully considered and close attention is paid to fine construction and finish. With Jane Sews I sought out to create uplifted staples and timeless pieces that are suitable for all seasons. 

The small run collections are crafted from high quality, natural fabrics and are both functional and easy to wear."


She is Visual x Glow
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" Each collection is designed in-house by our small team of
makers who are pedantic about fit and finish. We do not outsource or mass produce. 
Our limited collections consist of what we believe to be the core essentials. 
Our focus is on quality and minimal design translated into key pieces that you can
build your wardrobe around. 


We are committed to producing products that are unique, made from quality materials, designed with great care and presented in simple and inspiring ways."


She is Visual x Glow
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"This is a story sewn by honest hands speaking to a
simpler way of living. We hope that your Jane Sews piece finds a treasured place in your wardrobe."

— founder,  Amy Venter


She is Visual x Glow
She is Visual x Glow

The Jane Sews summer store is located on 83 Castle Street, Cape Town

Opening Hours

Monday — Friday  10am - 6pm

Saturday  — 10am - 2pm

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